first_imgMost of you reading this blog must be wondering about the term ‘Mental Poverty’, well according to me it is the lack of thinking of right or wrong. It is a refusal, refusal to change and trying better ways of thinking, do a task or putting your thoughts into action. Due to this mental poverty, many are killed and many are criticized. Let us take some recent examples of this. As the first example, I would like to take incident which happened in Kerala, India where a pregnant elephant was fed a pineapple filled with crackers which exploded in her mouth and damaged her jaw. She suffered excruciating pain, but remained calm and died in the Velliyar River a week later on May 27. These pineapples are used to ward off wild boars as claimed by a villager. What could have mother elephant done to those monsters that they fed her a pineapple filled with crackers, was the elephant dangerous or it was the mental poverty that those people have?Another example is of George Floyd who was suffocated to death by a white policeman named Derek Chauvin just because he was black. He was being arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit bill. He was begging for his life and repeatedly telling the officers that he could not breathe. Despite his begging, the white policeman with his knee over George’s neck kept suffocating him and other policemen stood there and took no action against this. The policemen kept his knee over his neck for almost 9 minutes until he became motionless. After the incident, several protests were made in more than 75 cities across the US. An innocent black man was suffocated to death due to the mental poverty in those policemen. He was unarmed, he didn’t have a gun or knife, yet the cop felt right to end his life.At the end of the day, we all have mental poverty whether it is in the form of racism, discrimination or animal cruelty. We all secretly deep inside of our mind have mental poverty which needs to be stopped.No one wants to be killed or criticized the basis of how he/she looks or what he/she is. Furthermore, the tragedies which take place in real life are far more offensive than any piece of art. Just think if you were on the other side of George Floyd or that pregnant elephant. Racism runs deep and it needs to be stopped.  If you can’t be a decent human being, just quit.last_img

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