first_imgTECHNICAL INTERVIEW DATE RANGE AND LOCATION:Date Range: 5/26/21 – 6/1/21Location: The Technical Interview will be conducted remotely, usingZoom. In order to participate in the interview, you must haveaccess to a computer with a camera, microphone, speakers, and areliable connection to the internet.The examination components and dates are subject to change as needsdictate. All communication regarding this process will be deliveredvia email.SUBMISSION OF APPLICATION:Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications as stated,including the possession of licenses, certifications, or otherrequirements, by the filing deadline in order to move forward inthe recruitment process. You must attach copies of any documentsthat demonstrate your attainment of the minimum qualifications(e.g., unofficial transcripts, foreign transcript evaluation,copies of any required licenses, and/or certifications). Failure tosubmit any required documents may result in disqualification. Allrequired documentation must be attached to your application; HumanResources staff will not upload your documents for you. The VCCCDdoes not accept letters of recommendation for classified positions.Please do not attempt to attach letters of recommendation to yourapplication.ONCE YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR APPLICATION YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TOMAKE REVISIONS TO YOUR APPLICATION MATERIALS. Salary: $7,034.08 – $9,425.75 MonthlyJob Type:Job Number: 2021-01942Location: Ventura College (Ventura CA), CADepartment: VC – PresidentClosing: 5/6/2021 11:59 PM PacificDescriptionWHAT YOU’LL DO:Under the general direction of the President, the Director ofOutreach and Marketing plans, organizes, supervises, administers,and evaluates a broad set of activities pertaining to domestic andinternational student outreach programs, including the recruitment,retention, and coordination of support services for domestic andinternational students. In addition, oversees general supervisionof college marketing materials and coordinates, plans andimplements marketing-related activities that promote interest inprograms, services, and events associated with the college.There is currently one full-time vacancy located at VenturaCollege.WHERE YOU’LL WORK:Established in 1925, Ventura College was one of the first communitycolleges in California and currently has an enrollment of 14,500students. Located approximately 60 miles north of Los Angeles and30 miles south of Santa Barbara, the 112-acre campus is set in therolling hills of Ventura – so close to the ocean that there is aclear view of the Channel Islands from several spots oncampus.More information can be found at the Ventura CollegeWebsite.WHO WE ARE:Equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential to our culture andthe work that we do within the Ventura County Community CollegeDistrict (VCCCD). The VCCCD is a public community college districtserving residents throughout Ventura County. The VCCCD’s threecolleges – Moorpark College, Oxnard College, and Ventura College -offer programs for transfer to four-year colleges and universities;career technical training; basic skills instruction; as well ascommunity service, economic development, and continuing educationfor cultural growth, life enrichment, and skills improvement. TheVentura County Community College District recognizes that a diversecommunity of faculty, staff, and administrators promote academicexcellence. This creates an inclusive educational and workenvironment for its students, employees, and the community itserves. With the understanding that a diverse community fostersmulti-cultural awareness, promotes mutual understanding andrespect, and provides role models for all students, the VCCCD iscommitted to recruiting and employing a diverse and committed groupof faculty, staff, and administrators who are dedicated to thesuccess of all college students.We encourage candidates who are equity-minded to submit anapplication for employment. We are designated Hispanic-ServingInstitutions committed to racial and socio-economic diversity as itreflects our communities and student populations. We actively seekto attract candidates who share this commitment to equity,diversity, and inclusion.The Ventura County Community College District ensures that allemployees and applicants for positions will have equal opportunityfor employment regardless of ethnic group identification, race,color, language, accent, immigration status, ancestry, nationalorigin, political beliefs, age, gender, religion, transgender,sexual orientation, marital status, veteran status, and/or physicalor mental disability.Representative DutiesPlan, direct, supervise, and evaluate the student outreachactivities to ensure that the Student Outreach Program’s goals,objectives, and timelines are met and in alignment with theDistrict and college’s priorities and objectives; develop, oversee,and implement projects and programs specific to the recruitment,enrollment, support services, and successful retention of students.EDevelop and implement operational policies, procedures, andstandards pertinent to the goals and objectives of the program;ensure compliance with established standards, requirements, laws,codes, regulations, policies, and procedures to meet state andfederal requirements. EDevelop and manage program budgets; approve the allocation ofresources. EManage the collection and analysis of data; oversee and participatein the preparation and submission of fiscal reports, program plans,progress reports, and other narrative and statistical reports asrequired and in accordance with District and external-agencyrequirements. EProvide strategic direction relative to the planning, development,and implementation of the annual college marketing plan andtargeted marketing campaigns; conduct college and community-basedneeds assessment activities including focus groups andadministering assessment surveys; ensure college marketingactivities are conducted in collaboration with outreach programsand the district-wide marketing function as appropriate.EOversee the design, creation, and editing of marketing and outreachmaterials for distribution to the public.EEstablish and implement college marketing-related standardoperating procedures and guidelines to ensure consistency ofmarketing materials and practices; assist in monitoring content andbranding of websites and portals. EConduct evaluations to assess the effectiveness of all marketingstrategies, programs, materials, and activities.EOversee the maintenance and posting of information on eventcalendars, marquees, portals, and social media platforms.EOversee and direct writing, coordination, monitoring, and trackingof online marketing initiatives, including ads, e-campaigns, searchengine optimization, and web analytics.ECoordinate outreach and marketing events and activities, includingcoordinating the arrangement of facilities, overseeing preparationand set-up activities, arranging and supervising vendor services,notifying attendees and participants, and preparing associatedmaterials. EOversee the photography of events for marketing-related purposes.EOversee the processing and monitoring of marketing-related purchaserequisitions and invoices. EDevelop and implement and effective system of evaluation for theprograms EDevelop and deliver presentations to various audiences.EServe as a District representative on various committees associatedwith outreach and marketing. ESupervise program personnel. EPerform related duties as assigned.EE = Essential DutiesMinimum QualificationsMinimum QualificationsA bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university ANDthree years of professional experience in a combination of outreachand marketing functions.Preferred QualificationsExperience supervising or providing work direction to staff ispreferred. The ability to speak, read, and write in both Englishand Spanish is preferred.Supplemental InformationEXAMINATION AND SELECTION PROCESS:This is an examination open to the public and current districtemployees seeking a promotional opportunity. To ensureconsideration, please submit your application materials byMay 6, 2021.The examination process may consist of any of the followingcomponents:A) Evaluation of Training and Experience (T&E) = Qualifying(pass/fail)B) Technical Interview = 100% weighting on final score Director of Outreach and MarketingVentura County Community College District To apply, please visit When completing the application, please make sure you include ALLcurrent and previous employment in the Work Experience section ofthe application and complete ALL fields, including the name andcontact information for your supervisors. Experience that isincluded in the resume but not in the Work Experience section ofthe application may not be considered for the purpose ofdetermining whether you meet the minimum qualifications. Whencompleting the supplemental questionnaire (if applicable), outlinein detail your education, training (such as classes, seminars,workshops), and experience.ELIGIBILITY LIST:Upon completion of the examination, the eligibility list will becompiled by combining the final examination score with applicableseniority and veteran’s credits, if any. The candidates will beranked according to their total score on the eligibility list.Certification will be made from the highest three ranks of theeligibility list. This eligibility list will be used to fillcurrent vacancies for up to one year from the date of the technicalinterview.PROBATIONARY PERIOD:All appointments made from eligibility lists for initialappointment or for promotion, with certain exceptions, shall beprobationary for a period of six (6) months or one hundred thirty(130) days of paid service, whichever is longer. Classifiedmanagement, police, and designated executive classifications shallbe probationary for a period of one (1) year of paid service frominitial appointment or promotion.ACCOMMODATIONS:Individuals with disabilities requiring reasonable accommodation inthe selection process must inform the Ventura County CommunityCollege District Human Resources Department in writing no laterthan the filing date stated on the announcement. Those applicantsneeding such accommodations should document this request in anemail to [email protected] including an explanation as tothe type and extent of accommodation needed to participate in theselection process.DEGREE INFORMATION:If a degree/coursework is used to meet minimum qualifications, anofficial copy of your transcripts will be required upon hire. Ifyou have a foreign degree and the institution from which yourdegree was granted is not recognized as accredited by the Councilfor Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) or the U.S. Department ofEducation, foreign transcript evaluation is required if the foreigndegree/coursework is used to meet minimum qualifications. Theforeign transcript evaluation must be included with yourapplication materials. Visit the Council for Higher Education Accreditation(CHEA) or the U.S. Department of Education to search forinstitutions that are recognized as accredited. If you need yourtranscripts evaluated, please review the list of agencies approvedfor foreign transcript evaluation (Download PDF reader). If applicable, anofficial copy of your foreign transcript evaluation will also berequired upon hire.For more information about the recruitment process at VCCCD,including responses to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit ourClassified Careers page. jeid-1a9ff5cd7b938f43bf01ede805d31e94 TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE (T&E) EVALUATION:Date Range: 5/10/21 – 5/14/21A T&E is an assessment by subject matter experts of trainingand experience, beyond the minimum requirements, that has preparedthe candidate for the position as evidenced in the applicationmaterials. When completing the application and the supplementalquestionnaire (if applicable), outline in detail your education,training (such as classes, seminars, workshops), and experience.Please be sure to answer every component of each supplementalquestion as your responses will be scored and serve as your scoreon the training and experience (T&E) evaluation.The eight (8) candidates with the highest passing scores on theT&E will be invited to the technical interview.last_img

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