Red’N’White Night for United cup clash

first_imgThe Bristol City Supporters Club & Trust and Section 82 have both backed the campaign to make City’s first appearance in the competition’s quarter-finals since 1989 a Red’N’White Night.Fans are being urged to turn up in club colours for the Sky televised encounter, as well as raising the roof as José Mourinho brings his Premier League title chasers to a sell-out Ashton Gate.Lee Johnson’s team have already dumped three Premier League sides out of the Carabao Cup – Watford, Stoke City and Crystal Palace – and now they have the three-time European champions in their sights.Supporters Club & Trust spokesman Stu Rogers said: “We would urge everyone to bring their passion, noise and colour to show what a unique atmosphere we can generate at Ashton Gate.”A spokesperson for Section 82 commented: “We are fully supportive of the club’s efforts to bring noise, colour and atmosphere to Ashton Gate and we encourage all supporters to make every effort to support the team to what would be a momentous victory. Together, we can make Ashton Gate a fortress.”The first-ever Red’N’White took place almost 17 years ago to the day, as City hosted local rivals Bristol Rovers in December 2000.A sea of colour awaited the teams as City won the festive encounter 3-2 thanks to goals from Peter Beadle, Keith Millen and Tony Thorpe.A number of other memorable Red’N’White Nights have been held over the years, including the 3-0 LDV Vans Trophy derby success in BS3 back two years later.WAYS TO GET INVOLVED- Bring a scarf – a traditional display of club affiliation. Hold it up, wave it around and stay warm!- Wear a red hat – unlike tops which are often buried beneath coats, which add a splash of colour to the whole stadium. Santa hats are popular at this time of year.- Wave your flag – Wood and metal poles aren’t allowed but flags on short plastic sticks are. Small or medium size flags can be hung on the perimeter fence, providing they don’t cover pitchside gates, advertising boards or contain offensive messages – please follow the instructions of stewards. Large flags require a kite-mark, if you intend to bring one please email by Monday, December 18th.last_img read more

Lions uniform changes

first_img Share this post 0 This topic is now closed to further replies. Sports Logos Members Share on other sites 35 Share on other sites 35 1 Prev Share on other sites SportsLogos.Net 3 Link to post 0 6 Vado Pudor Tu NO COPPERPLATE, PLEEEEEASE. Share on other sites 6,045 posts Tweak, tweak, tweak. That’s 0-16 talk. There should be radical change. Something to really goose the fans and turn the attitude around. Winning is a way to do it, but since that ain’t happening, we need something new.Black gets the first ax. The second should be the full cat.The Panthers’ full cat looks stupid, the Jags’ full cat looks meh, the Bengals full cat looks okay. Bubbles needs to be cooked down into something that expresses the fierceness and regality of a lion. Right now he looks like a kitten batting at some string.*edited because I be typing too fast. Proc 2,712 posts Members 5,159 149 Posted January 27, 2009 42 Location:Metro Detroit 0 42 567 SmoothieX 567 Share this post TruColor 42 Formerly ColorWerx and PANTONE Milo Meningocele 567 14,762 posts Location:Burnsville, MN Posted January 28, 2009 Share this post Posted January 27, 2009 Share this post As I’ve said many times in these forums, Leave bubbles alone!Things that you can do to improve the Detroit Lions identity.#1 – Remove the black#2 – Lighten the Honolulu blue. Correct me if I’m wrong, Donovan, but didn’t the Lions darken the blue fairly recently.#3 – Tweak bubbles in a similar fashion to the Arizona Cardinals or Miami Dolphins. Nothing radical.#4 – I’ve never seen this in any concept, but I’ve always thought the Lions should change the Silver to Gold.My two cents:#1 – I always wanted Navy instead of Black anyway.#2 – Yeah, they’ve had four different shades of Honolulu Blue that I’ve found so far in my research.#3 – I agree.#4 – They did that once – in 1952: Share this post Location:Houston 4 1,690 posts 17 6,045 posts 4 5,159 107 5 Favourite Logos:Barcelona DragonsHartford WhalersUS Soccer RattlesnakeJoliet Slammers “J-Bird”NBA All-Star New Orleans Crawfish Milo Meningocele Share on other sites 44 Banned Share this post SportsLogos.Net Location:Cincinnati 0 kmw_29 kmw_29 Sign in to follow this   Share on other sites 322 posts 0 Share on other sites Share on other sites #4 – I’ve never seen this in any concept, but I’ve always thought the Lions should change the Silver to Gold.That’s sacrilege at this point. But if this were 50 odd years ago, I might think that’s a good idea–the whole lion/king of the jungle/regal implication.As others have said, I’m cautiously optimistic–these are the Lions we’re talking about, but they appear to rightfully be in full “kiss the fans’ ass” mode. Anything they do will be fairly minor, so as not to give us another reason to hate them. I’d say black will almost surely disappear, and I also hope they lighten the blue again. I’m supportive of a slight tweak to Bubbles, but nervous because I think that’s where the most damage can be done. Posted January 28, 2009 Posted January 27, 2009 149 94 1,767 posts Members 42 KJTALBOT 0 Location:Metro Detroit Bubbles? I’ve never heard that when refferring to the Lions logo. Anyone care to explain? Link to post 13,075 6 Members Puck Milo Meningocele Share this post Boston Strong 42 Share this post 42 6,045 posts Proc Location:Effington Share on other sites Firefly Proc Snark Messier 17 Sport 0 Link to post Share on other sites Posted January 27, 2009 Forums Home Link to post Share on other sites 0 Location:Phoenix Milo Meningocele 0 Posted January 28, 2009 Sodboy13 Share on other sites Share this post 42 35 Blue Falcon 6,045 posts 44 35 6 Sport 0 Posted January 27, 2009 Milo Meningocele Link to post Sodboy13 44 Firefly Snark Messier Link to post 6 44 TruColor Members 0 Share this post 44 Share on other sites Sports Logos Forums Home All Activity 149 6,412 posts 6 Sign in to follow this   Milo Meningocele 5 Location:Houston shiznit1083 567 Share this post 19,560 posts Link to post Share this post Puck Phoenix is a bangwagon towncenter_img Formerly ColorWerx and PANTONE Share on other sites Potential Lunch Winner Location:Metro Detroit Members Posted January 28, 2009 Members what the hell is ccslc? 567 0 SmoothieX 1,690 posts Share this post Members TruColor 17 13,075 NO COPPERPLATE, PLEEEEEASE.SECONDED. Copperplate would be a disaster.Sorry, I can’t jump on that bandwagon. While it shouldn’t run rampant, Copperplate does have its applications. I think it’s foolish, (and perhaps the in-crowd’s party line right now) to summarily poo-poo an entire font. Wow. That’s potentially good news. Location:Motown 14,762 posts Location:Burnsville, MN Posted January 27, 2009 Members 1,687 posts Link to post Link to post 0 0 0 Members 35 Share on other sites Share on other sites Unwind 0 I love the leaping Lion look!! He looks cool and sleek.I don’t necessarily have a problem with them adding a little black as as accent color here and there. But they’ve got everything outlined in it and the uniform looks so damned busy.The black alts need to go. 0 The only thing the Lions should do is eliminate black from their design. They should return to the Barry Sanders look. Unwind 0 Location:Metro Detroit Lions uniform changes Vado Pudor Tu 35 Share on other sites Members 0 Link to post Location:Massachusetts Share on other sites 2,712 posts 0 Share this post 107 Bubbles? I’ve never heard that when refferring to the Lions logo. Anyone care to explain?Oh, yeah. That’s just what we call him around here. Honestly, it’s more to do with the team, than the logo. Aside from the odd white spot caused by the raised front leg’s placement that a lot of people have a hard time figuring out, it’s a pretty solid logo. It’s just been associated with 50 years of losing, so we’ve given it an emasculating nickname befitting the team’s ineptitude. Posted January 28, 2009 107 Proc Sports Logo News 44 Link to post 107 Posted January 27, 2009 0 107 Posted January 27, 2009 Blue Falcon Share on other sites Location:Massachusetts 1,386 posts Members Next By Proc, January 27, 2009 in Sports Logo News Members I’ve said it before…they can go back to this simple look from the early 80s and I’d be happy… I think as long as the employ Verlander (Cardinals, Texans, Seahawks) to recreate the Lions logos, then go for it. I’m just afraid as to what might happen in the wrong hands. Snark Messier Prev Firefly Link to post Page 1 of 55   Followers 3 I think as long as the employ Verlander (Cardinals, Texans, Seahawks) to recreate the Lions logosI wonder if they’ll use the same font again. Link to post 2 The Detroit Lions held a “Town Hall” style meeting for select season ticket holders last night. The question arose as to whether the Lions would change their uniforms.From an Oakland (County) Press writer/blogger: “(Team President Tom) Lewand hinted that changes to the uniform and leaping Lion logo will be coming, though maybe not until the 2010 season. Uniform changes for this year had to be submitted last November. ‘Stay tuned,’ Lewand said.” Blog regarding Lions Town Hall MeetingThe same story was reported on Detroit’s Fox2 News by sports announcer and Lions radio, play-by-play man, Dan Miller. 13,075 0 Link to post 94 TruColor Link to post Posted January 28, 2009 Next 42 Share on other sites 860 posts Link to post shiznit1083 Posted January 27, 2009 shiznit1083 Posted January 27, 2009 Members Members I think as long as the employ Verlander (Cardinals, Texans, Seahawks) to recreate the Lions logosI wonder if they’ll use the same font again.I say, why not use the main Ford Field/end zone font?Ford Field font (It’s just the lighting of the picture, but you can already tell it wouldn’t look bad in something approaching the old Honolulu Blue.)endzone font…Funny how I had about as hard a time Googling a good picture of the Lions’ endzone, as the team does reaching the real one. 26,439 posts 0 Sports Logo News Location:Motown Recommended Posts 42 42 94 1,674 posts All Activity Share this post Go To Topic Listing Members Members 0 Share this post Location:The Hub Lions uniform changes Milo Meningocele 860 posts 0 Link to post 0 NO COPPERPLATE, PLEEEEEASE.SECONDED. Copperplate would be a disaster. Tweak, tweak, tweak. That’s 16-0 talk. There should be radical change. Something to really goose the fans and turn the attitude around.Play in nothing but loin cloths. You went 0-16, playing like you’re an extra from “Meet the Spartans” shouldn’t be any worse of a humiliation. Posted January 27, 2009 42 Snark Messier 107 Wow. That’s potentially good news.Yes. And then you remember what team’s doing it, and you start getting visions of the Buffalo Bills, along with a mild tremor. Members Posted January 28, 2009 2 Link to post Posted January 28, 2009 Share this post 567 Posted January 27, 2009 Firefly 1 shiznit1083 3 Page 1 of 55   Followers 3 Milo Meningocele Members As I’ve said many times in these forums, Leave bubbles alone!Things that you can do to improve the Detroit Lions identity.#1 – Remove the black#2 – Lighten the Honolulu blue. Correct me if I’m wrong, Donovan, but didn’t the Lions darken the blue fairly recently.#3 – Tweak bubbles in a similar fashion to the Arizona Cardinals or Miami Dolphins. Nothing radical.#4 – I’ve never seen this in any concept, but I’ve always thought the Lions should change the Silver to Gold. Link to post 5,159 Share this post Share this post 42 KJTALBOT I think their color scheme is fine, but definitely drop the black. They need to change that logo, now that it is associated with the only 0-16 team in NFL history. Besides, they’ve had it on their helmets since 1962, and they can definitely do something more with a lion as a logo. Link to post Share this post Lions uniform changeslast_img read more

The Prime Minister of Catalonia with a personal message to Leo…

first_imgCatalonia’s regional minister, Kim Tora, used social media to thank Lionel Messi. This happened minutes after it became clear that the Barcelona star wanted to get away from the grandee of the Catalan province.“Catalonia will always be your home. Thank you for all the time, happiness and amazing football that brought us. We were very lucky to share our years and our lives with the best player in the world. We will never forget you, Lionel Messi, “Kim Torah wrote on Twitter.Gulliver/GettyImagesTorah added a photo to the publication, in which he shook hands with the six-time winner of the Golden Shoe. Follow us anywhere and anytime with the mobile application of You can download it from Google Play, App Store and AppGallery.last_img read more

#JennStrong receives the greatest “life and love” letter ever written from Germany

first_imgToday, while on her usual visit at the hospital, my wife got a massive surprise. Jennifer Ford Aparicio (aka #JennStrong) received a letter from her donor. It came from her bone marrow transplant coordinator on three sheets of paper in 12-point type. The blanks indicate information that was literally whited out on the original documents to ensure anonymity. We do not know his name. We aren’t allowed to officially meet or exchange names for another 11 months.This is the most poignant, amazing document I have ever seen. If you think it’s hard reading it, you should’ve seen me trying to re-type this to publish on my blog. Obviously, I might have to ask Mark Cuban or Dirk Nowitzki for a favor… Your genetical twin! Dear Ms. “;”Honestly, I don’t really know how to start such a letter. Maybe it is the best way to start by introducing myself as good as I can.I’m a 21 year old man from Germany. I’ve got several sport activities which I very like. I really like soccer. I’ve played it for almost ten years in clubs. The first time I played soccer, I was a little boy and my father went with me to the football pitch. It was such an awesome feeling to play with other kids and have fun. I didn’t play very successfully, but if I’m honest, it wasn’t my intention to be the next soccer star. I just wanted to have fun. After some years and a few injuries, I decided to give up what I really love. Of course, it was a tough decision, but I had to take care of my health, so it was the only decision I could make.I’m interested in basketball. The origin of basketball is your country! Of course as a German, I’m a huge  ______ fan, so it’s no wonder, that I’m also a “fan” of the _________. Are you also interested in basketball, or are you prefer another sport activity?Now, I’ve got a few questions which I’d like to ask you. The first and for me, most important question is:How are you feeling?Did you overcome blood cancer, the pain and everything else which is included by this awful disease?How did you get to know of the diagnosis “blood cancer”?What were your first thoughts once you got the message of leukemia?Have you ever doubted that you’ll survive?What did you feel, when receiving the message, that there is a donor for you?Of course, I’ll understand if you don’t want to answer some of these questions, because maybe they’re too personal.Probably it is time to explain to you, why I did donate stem cells.A couple of friends asked me “why do you donate for a person you don’t even know?”The answer actually isn’t as easy as it looks like. Once I was in the hotel, previous and after this donation, I often asked myself the question. But if I’m honest, it’s complicated to describe. Sometimes it’s hard to explain with the words I know. Maybe it’s best to tell you how I anyway get into position to donate for somebody.About two years ago, when I was in vocational school, there was a charity event organized by ____. I was asked if I wanted to sign up or registrate to the database of ______. I didn’t really think about what I was doing and potential consequences for me or other people so after a few minutes I was a potential donor.My first thought was “Oh, you won’t get the chance to donate” but this thought should become a huge fallacy.One Year after my registration, it was a Saturday, I came home from work and while I was having breakfast, the doorbell rang. I thought it could be the mailman, because it was the typical time in Germany for post. He gave me the usual catalogues of advertisement and one huge envelope. I was quiet fascinating and didn’t expect that this letter was for me. My mind noticed very quickly “Oh, it’s for you!” I saw the logo of _____ and something in my mind told me, that this letter could change a few things immediately.While I was reading the first lines, I was shocked in a “special” way. Obviously, at this moment I realized that my name and information about me were remaining in the database of the ____. I really had to sit down for some minutes in my room and had to think about what just happened.It was unreal to read that I could make a contribution to rescue the life of somebody!The next weeks were quite a journey for me: I had to fill in a lot of papers about health issues, went to doctors, had a couple of calls from employees of the ____ and got also several letters.One day I had to go to my family doctor, because I had to give a blood sample. This blood was sent to a scientific institute to check if I’m the right donor for you! My responsible official had already told, that could take a few weeks until I’ll get an answer.Weeks passed, but at the end of May, I finally got a positive answer. I was snoozing until I looked up on my mobile phone and saw an incoming call. I’ve already recognized the number, because I got several calls from this number in the last weeks. It was the _____! Immediately, I was wide awake and listened carefully the woman on the phone. As she had asked me, if I would like to donate, I did not hesitate for a second. I’ll do it!So a couple of days later I had to go to ______, because of pre-examinations to check if I’m completely healthy. The donation should start a few days after the check-up, but one day in the evening I got a call from the clinic where the donation should take place. She said the target date had to be postponed.This was a strange feeling, because I worried a lot and asked myself what could be the reason for this delay. But after some calls on the other day, the worries didn’t exist anymore.On the 24th of June I went to ____ again, but this time I stayed there two nights in an incredible hotel.Next day was donation day! The breakfast in the hotel was impressive, but honestly I couldn’t eat as much as I’d like to, because I was too excited about the things which should come later that day.At eight O’clock, it all began. Of course, I speculated a lot about how this day will look like and I also had a few doubts if I’ll get any pain or side-effects. But was so relaxed, I couldn’t believe it myself.I lay there about three and a half hours. It sounds like nothing than boredom, however it wasn’t. I listened to music a lot and talked to one of the nurses for some time.The feeling after donation was unbelievable! I couldn’t realize that I possibly saved a life. I had to wait about half an hour, because the doctors wanted to know if I felt good after this process. I didn’t expect that I’ll feel so good if I’m honest because when I was at the check-up they told me, you will feel like you ran a marathon. But everything was good.In the evening I finally realized what I had done. If everything went well, I would save a life! A life of a human! The thoughts and the feelings which I have while thinking about it, are so unbelievable! After the donation, friends texted me “we are so proud of you – you’re a hero!” Of course, the support of my friends was amazing and just in the moments as I had worries about the things that will come. I felt a lot more secure.But am I really a hero?In my opinion I’m not a hero! Actually, I did something very special and maybe uncommon. Of course, everybody has his own definition of becoming a hero. For me a hero is a person who risks his own life to save a life of somebody whom he or she actually doesn’t even know. A soldier in Afghanistan is a hero! He or she puts his/her life on the line, just to create a little bit of freedom in a country where freedom never could exist. A fireman risks his own life to save a life or even more from people he actually doesn’t know everyday. But why do they do something like that? In my mind, those people do this out of deepest conviction. They don’t do it because they have to. No, they do it because they believe it is right to do it!What does it mean to my situation?I did this donation also out of deepest conviction. I didn’t do it because it’s highly regarded in society. No, I did this for you because I believe it is our assignment to help people when they need help the most.But there is another reason why I did such a thing.I told you previously, that I was admitted into the database of the ___ because there was an initiative at my vocational school. There was a guy of the same age and his little brother suffered leukemia, so he was looking for a donor for his young brother.While I was listening to the story of his young brother, I asked myself what I would do for my little brother if I was in his position. I don’t know if you have children or if you are even married, but the thought that you may lose things which you truly love was beyond all bearing. By knowing that I could make at least one person much more happier pushed me a lot. A lot of people want to have so much money that they don’t know even what to do with it, they want to have a fast car, a huge mansion or even a yacht. But what you only wish is, that you can see your kids, play with them in the garden, see them growing up, just do what you want to do and not spending every second thinking about your disease. You just want to live your life! Happiness is one of the things you can’t buy!I’d like to come to the end of this letter. I actually don’t know how to end such a letter, like I previously didn’t know how to start. But what I’d like to say: I also have to thank you! It may sound strange but I’m deeply grateful that I had such a chance to do something like that. Every time I’m upset, I think back on what I did and that you could be the happiest person on earth. And so I become very happy too. I wish you, your family and your friends all the best and that you will become the person you were before the disease, that you can do whatever you like to do, that your dreams and wishes you have become reality at some point.Someday, I hope that I’ll get the redeeming message from you: “I’m fine!”last_img read more

I have not exceeded retirement age – Wolanyo Agra

first_imgThe Chief Executive of the National Sports Council, (NSC) Wolanyo Agra has rebuffed reports that he has exceeded the retirement age of 60 years.Agra told GNA Sports that he has not attained the compulsory retirement age as is being speculated in certain quarters, insisting that he is approaching his 58th birthday.“I wish to put on record that I’m not 60 years of age as alleged; I was born on September 24, 1952.”The NSC Chief Executive dared anyone who doubted his claim to check the records at Achimota School, where he had his secondary education decades ago.“You can go to Achimota School and check from the records,” he said, adding “I have been in sports for a long time and my records are there for all to see.”Agra also dismissed reports of a power struggle between him and the Board Chairman of the NSC, Kojo Bonsu, insisting that the allegations are plans by some individuals to create tension between the two of them. “I have no time for little minds. There has never been any power struggle between the Board Chairman and myself at any point.”Agra added that he has never accused the Board Chairman of deleting names of key NSC staff from the South Africa World Cup trip.“Those who think that there is trouble between the Board Chairman and me (Agra) are shouting wolf when there is none.”“For me, I think the enemies are doing this just to derail the good work we are doing at the National Sports Council.”Agra assured that he is committed to the development of sports in the country and would not be detracted by such reports. Agra replaced Prince Ernest Oduro-Mensah as the Chief Executive of the NSC in 2009.Source: GNAlast_img read more

Kwasi Appiah will be presented to the media today

first_imgNewly appointed Black Stars coach Kwasi Appiah will be unveiled as Black Stars coach this afternoon in a media conference at the Ghana Football Association’s head office in Accra.Kwasi Appiah was surprisingly appointed as the substantive coach of the team on April 8 with favourite for the job Marcel Desailly failing to reach a deal with the Ghana Football Association.The former black stars captain has been assistant coach of the Black Stars since 2008 and led the Black Meteors to win the Gold medal at the 2011 All African Games.He has been tasked to win the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and reach the semi-final of the 2014 FIFA World Cup finals.Ahead of his presentation to the media, Appiah has noted that, support from everyone will be key to his success.“All i will seek of you is to give me the maximum support and I will also be there always to listen to you and do the best of my knowledge”. He said “I would also want to appreciate the fact that the FA and the Executive Committee for giving me this position.”last_img read more

Hunter Parson shines in Game One

first_imgWith a career-high 10 strikeouts and only allowing six hits, The Terrapins take game one over Stetson 7-0.Scoreless until the sixth inning, Freshman Maxwell Costes broke the tie for his second home run, starting the rally.Parsons exited the game in the seven amazing innings after allowing only six hits and a single walk.The Terrapins have won eight of ten games since starting the season at 0-2.Game two of the three-game series continues Saturday, March 9th starting at 630PM.Please follow and like us:last_img read more

Chilled Curwin dismisses Du Preez drama as a ‘learning curve’

first_imgGiven that the Sharks broke all ties with the Du Preez family just over two weeks ago, it’s probably not quite a coincidence that Curwin Bosch was suddenly made available to the media this week.The gifted 22-year-old has arguably been slap bang in the middle of the drama that not only blighted the Durbanites’ mediocre Super Rugby campaign, but also – allegedly – played a big part in coach Robert du Preez snr departing one year before his contract was supposed to expire.And the irony of it all is that Bosch did absolutely nothing wrong.ALSO READ: Du Preez’s ‘nepotism’ places undue burden on SharksThroughout the year, a storm brew and then raged as Du Preez persisted with picking eldest son, Robert jnr, at flyhalf despite his form gradually deserting him.It led to accusations of favouritism among critics, especially when Du Preez initially tried to seemingly compromise by selecting Bosch at fullback.Bosch’s form was so compelling that Du Preez eventually had to relent and switched him to pivot.But as the playoffs approached, the Sharks coach reverted back to Robert jnr at No 10.Robert du Preez. Photo: Gallo Images.Fans and local media smelled a rat, Du Preez labelled the reporters “cockroaches” in public, franchise management had to put out PR fires and the axe was sharpened.ALSO READ: WATCH: Sharks coach calls media ‘cockroaches’In between it all, all Bosch did was light up a misfiring backline.That steely focus explains why he’s not making much of a fuss over the events that occurred earlier this season.“It’s all part of the game,” said Bosch.“We all have our own opinions on a lot of things. To be honest, I think the whole experience has just been a big learning curve. I obviously learned a lot at No 15 about timing and space. Going forward, that’s going to benefit when I’m playing at flyhalf.”The two-Test Springbok though acknowledges he’s got a fair path to travel in becoming a consistent flyhalf, a reality that was showcased in the opening game of this year’s Currie Cup, where a rampant Griquas made Bosch and his pack’s life a misery.“It’s been very nice (to have extended game-time at flyhalf),” he said.“I’ve been working closely with coach Dave (Williams, skills coach) throughout the year. There are a few things that we keep working on with my attacking game to try and get me better every week. It’s been a great challenge.”For more sport your way, download The Citizen’s app for iOS and Android.last_img read more

The ‘big hole’ that’s threatening the Newlands Test

first_imgCricket South Africa (CSA) CEO Thabang Moroe made it sound as if there was a massive hole on the Newlands outfield that was threatening the New Year’s Test against England when he explained the justification for the national body putting the Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) under administration this week, but sources in Cape Town say the claims are exaggerated. CSA stepped in out of the blue to put all the running affairs of the WPCA under the control of their appointed administrator, who just happens to be the previous CEO in Cape Town, Andre Odendaal. Moroe said the unprecedented…last_img read more

Bayern players accept salary cut until ‘end of season’

first_imgIn April, the Bayern squad took a 20-percent reduction in salary, but Hainer did not specify how large the cut was this time.“It is very satisfying to see that our team understands the situation and will again give up part of their salary until the end of the season,” Hainer told German daily Bild.Bayern sit seven points clear of second-placed Borussia Dortmund at the top of the Bundesliga with six games remaining as they look set to win a record-extending eighth straight title.The German top-flight season is scheduled to end on June 27, although Bayern could potentially also be in the German Cup final on July 4.Hansi Flick’s side are also still in the Champions League, after a 3-0 victory at Chelsea in their last 16 first leg before the coronavirus lockdown, but UEFA are yet to announce how it plans to end that competition.last_img read more